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2020 Iowa Caucus

With the 2020 Iowa Caucuses right around the corner here are some of the most common questions we get about them.  Please contact your political party if you would like more information or have any questions regarding the caucuses.

What is a caucus?

The Iowa Caucuses are most commonly known for the role they play in selecting each political party’s nominee for president every four years. Under Iowa law, the Iowa Caucuses are the first event in the presidential nomination season in the country. The Caucuses are also held in non-presidential even numbered years and serve mainly for the purpose of selecting local party leadership and delegates to the party’s conventions. 

When is the Caucus?

Monday, February 3rd, 2020 at 7p.m.

Who runs the Caucuses?

The Political Parties.  The Iowa Caucuses are organized and conducted by the different state political parties and the Election Department within the Auditor’s office plays no role in their administration.

Where is my Caucus location?

The location of your caucus is based on your General Election Voting Precinct but often held in a different location than where you normally vote.  Visit either the Iowa Democratic Party or the Iowa Republican Party website to find your caucus location.

You may now also find a full list of caucus locations here.

Do I need to register for the Caucus?

The Pre-registration deadline for the 2020 Caucuses is January 1st.  Any changes to your registration made after then will not be reflected when you go to your caucus.  You may still register or change parties at the caucus.

How do the Caucuses work?

The way the caucuses work depends on which parties' caucus you attend.  For a great look at how the caucuses function we recommend checking out this article from the Des Moines Register.

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